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  • '89 230 walkaround

    I am looking at a 1989 230 Walkaround that has been dry rack stored. It needs to be repowered, but for its age the hull seems to be in good condition. Can anyone give me any firsthand experiences with this model and does anyone out there know how well it would float if swamped? I am going to be using it as a family boat and as a casual offshore fishing boat. It has a 200 Yamaha on it right now, but I'm thinking a boat that big should have at least a 225 on it?


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    Ive got an 89 210 walk around. Solid boat. Definately survey. Wet foam, bad transom, fuel tanks are all areas of concern. The hull is heavy and rides great. It had a 175 Yamaha and was underpowered. Its getting a 200 HPDI right now. I bought it in fla 3yrs ago for 9k, put some elbow grease into it and now I have a nice old boat. For the bigger hull I would say 250 HPDI. The 225 4 stroke Yamahas are dogs.


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      I own an 88 230 with a Yamaha 225. The boat tops out at 40 and is one of the most comfortable rides I have found. I do mostly offshore fishing but have fished inland in as little as 18 inches of water. Other than neglect the boat is in excellent shape. I do have one problem that is a little disconcerting, but will be addressed next winter. The cabin floor tends to fill up with water from time to time. It appears that the drain tube for the front anchor locker passes below the table pedestal and the pedestal wore a hole in the tube and has soaked the foam under the cabin. Other than that, I am in the process of reconditioning and recoating the wood and making a list of modifications as seen on some of the projects on this site. The boat is well full of foam and have "swamped" it many times while offshore, other than a swift deck cleaning, there was never any residual water left in the bilge (even when the bilge pump quit working.). I have owned the boat for 2 years and after considering selling it for a bigger boat (of the same type) thinking about what a deal I got on it brings me back to reality.
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