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    I'm new to this awsome site. I want to buy a 20-25 Mako and was looking for anyones opinion on the various models and years. I heard there are particular years(early 90's)of poor quality control. What are the areas of concern? I have found a '95 20' dual console. Is there anyone out there with experience with these? I assume this is the same hull as the center console model. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Welcome! Early 1990's = good... Mid to late 1990's = questionable (some good some not). I don't know much about the dual console models.

    What is your intended use?
    Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance


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      I would personally like to fish, but this will also be a family boat with two small kids. The dual console makes more sence with kids. We will be cruising the NC rivers and waterways. I have just moved back on land after cruising the Bahamas for a couple of years, and am having withdrawls.


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        Mabey I can be of some assistance. Robert Schwebke started Mako in 1969. The family owned and operated the business until 1992. During this time period thier product was unmatched for the dollar purchased. I know because I have had three of thier boats. A 19 for 6 years, a 21 for 9 years and my 261 for 16 years. Yes I have ownd a Mako since 1972 and would not have ANY OTHER boat. During this time period I was highly active in thier tournaments and in general got to know some super people. In 1992 the Company was sold to a bunch of New Yorkers (Yankees). In a few short years they ran the Company in bankruptcy. The even destroyed the original molds so that the older Makos could not be constructed. I would not purchase one of thier boats from 1992 to 2002.