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    Hey Bobby-

    I made a new flushmount panel for my electronics box. The old one was as skimpy and flexible as a piece of newspaper. The new oneis made out the following lay up schedule using West Epoxy resin. Cloth (not sure what weight....was lying around), 3/4 oz Mat, 1/4inch luan, 3/4 oz Mat, 1/4inch luan, 3/4 oz mat, and another layer of cloth.

    The piece came out great and will provide ample strength and mounting capabilities for my Garmin GPS, Furuno fishfinder and Raytheon VHF. PLus it will stiffen up the box which would flex in rough conditions.

    My question to you is....I thought the epoxy resin would soak right into the luan??? JUdging from when I faired the edges of the doesn't seem like it soaked in anymore than polyester resin would. I didn't skimp on the resin and I didn't force dry it so I am kinda at a loss as to why it didn't seep further into the very dry luan.

    Any ideas???


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    Next time lay the lauan in the sun and let the pores open some more.

    West System has a short pot life. There are epoxy resigns that are made for exactually that. CPES. [Clear Penertrating epoxy system] I've never used it. I keep chugging along with my old faithful 2 to1 FGCI epoxy.