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Mako Marinum Rod Holders

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  • Mako Marinum Rod Holders

    Someone found them for us!!!! Check it out:

    Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance

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    That's funny. Those guys are located in Newport, RI and when i called them last year they said they didnt make any replacement stuff for Mako anymore. Hmmmmm....nice rodholders....I personally like the stainelssPompanettes but they are big $$$$$.

    I wish Wilcox-Crittenden would make replacement trim rings for the scuppers on my transom. They are starting to get pitted.



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      Scuppers? You 231 came with scuppers? My '89 did not. Only those inefficient drains in the splash well. What do they look like? How well do they work?
      [br]Mako To Go, Brick, NJ [br]1989 Mako 231 CC[br]250 Optimax[br]


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        I guess you could call them scuppers.

        Each scupper has (2)brass drains that go through the transom, with a vinyl flap on the outside that has a marinium trim ring around it.

        Is this what you have?



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          Hey Gary

          They are the same as the ones on the Stretch we talked about last week.

          When your guy is redoing your transom if you can find the exterior fitting he might be able to instal three brass tubes similar to the two on the later models. It would appear to have enough space to accomodate the three.

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            I have a new product from Marine East, a 2" diameter scupper with an articulated rubber flapper valve that I am going to have him install. One on each side. They should work to help remove standing water in the splash well when the boat is at rest and not let any backflow into it.

            Marine East manufactures all kinds of interesting products for the OEM market out of composit materials. Everything from galley fitting to thru hulls to live well stuff. And they are located right here in Brick about two miles from my house. Check it out at They sell retail to the public on the website and have a lot of really interesting stuff that might help some of the guys with projects.
            [br]Mako To Go, Brick, NJ [br]1989 Mako 231 CC[br]250 Optimax[br]


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              Ringleader - I will bet that if you call around to some of the lesser known older marinas / marine stores that they may still have a few of these left in their stock. This is due to the high price and the very few people that used them on their boats. If I remember correctly they sold / sell for around $60 bucks each. If you don't have any luck with your connections, let me know and I can try a few of the marinas ect. here in CT - one of which got me several years ago when I added another set to my boat.

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