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1979 mako 23 hull__seperation

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  • RingLeader
    Not sure if the trailer is to blame or not. Most likely not... It sounds like a failure of the joint between the stringer and the hull. There may have been a hard spot there that caused the whole thing to fail. Can you tell how far the area of detachment between the hull and stringer extends? Do you have access to a digital camera so we can see some pics?

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  • Helldiver Dave
    started a topic 1979 mako 23 hull__seperation

    1979 mako 23 hull__seperation

    I rescently had a small crack develope in the jell coat of my 79Mako.The hull developed a small hook in this area and leak.It looked like the rollers were pushing up into the boat.I brought it to a boat repair yard , removed the fish box bottom and we found the stringers good no rot but the fiberglass and stringers had seperated from the hull side.can any one give any repair recommendations? Did the easy loader drive on trailer cause this?I am really sick over this.

    also, Great forum thanks Dave,