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Mako 22' CC Experience

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  • Mako 22' CC Experience

    This could probably be posted in any one of the forums, but I figured many would get a pretty good laugh from this one:

    I got a call from a local guy I ran into a while back who recently sold a really nice 20' cc for short money. Anyway he said he would contact me when another Mako came in. Well...he has a 22'with a trailer and a Yamaha 200hp. I couldn't get out of work early so I went after dinner. Needless to say it is hard to get a good look in the dark but I sure didn't need much more:

    First off, the trailer had a hack spray paint job all black (a pretty good sign of what was to come)

    Second I was walking along the side and noticed a nice small crack in the port side rail. Well, the crack actually starts in the stern and follows all the way up around the bow. Looks like the whole rail will crack right off. To make matters worse, there was a pea brain attempt to hide this with three or four different color compounds and what looks like model paint, with plenty of waves in the surface.

    Without really looking any harder, the transome was all I needed to get back in my car as fast as I could. First, it smelled like nice fresh resin. Then, there was an attempt raise the transome for a 25" shaft. Well, this is unique, but it had a piece of pressure treated wood cut to the shape then glued to the top plate of the transome and tied in by REBAR drilled into each side of the transome cutout from the top of the piece of wood. There is no attempt to hide the rebar As if this wasn't enough, the top plate was gone and the core was completly exposed. The skin was almost completly delaminated. When I poked a Skewer in the core it went straight through and I hit the bottom of the transome. No pun inteded here, but that transome was cooked.

    Anyway, I could still have all of this for $8,000, a real bargin he said. There are project boats and then there are mysteries.

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    Some people will screw anybody any chance they get.I don't see how they sleep at nite.Its a good thing you know what you are looking at.The sad thing is,someone will come along and buy it.

    Gulf Breeze Fl.

    Gulf Breeze Fl.


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      For a minute I thought, hmm, buy it, take it out for a quick run and the transome will fall off. Then I will own all the boats in his yard.


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        I saw that boat on ebay at one point and time. Got a good chuckle myself...had to be many 'rebar reinforced' transoms do you see?????
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          Now that you mention it, I saw it on ebay as well. It came from MI. At least I only had to go 10 minutes down the see what crap it is. Sad to see such a nice boat go this way.