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  • Opinions on tower build

    To those with towers on your Mako, what do you like or dislike? I am starting to plan the upper station of my Mako build and would like to hear some input...If you have a tower is it tall enough to be comfortable on a smaller boat or is it not tall enough? How often do you use your second station? If you don't have a second helm, do you wish you did? Anything you would do or not do if you were adding a tower to your Mako? I keep going back and forth with a second helm or just a spotting tower...
    Steven Kwajalein Atoll, RMI

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    I would think if you use it as a spotting tower, you'll have to have a fishing buddy to constantly yell down too? "no the fish are THAT way dummy!! " or if you're by yourself, it's a lot of up and down the ladder and ladders aren't fun while holding a beer.

    We love spending other peoples time and money, so I say go all in and do 2nd station with controls and buggy top since you're in the bahamas


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      the Blind Hog used to have the exact tower that you have. It was THE best place to drive and my dad always had to pry me out to get come down. The previous owner did add a seat on top of the rear rail which was very nice for trolling or when spending the day spotting cobia. A foot rest under the control box is a must. Rod holders across the back are nice as well. Many fish were hooked from the tower on the "way back" rod.

      You definitely want to add tab controls, start/stop, and a kill switch. Having a smaller GPS up top is nice and with the network units today you can replicate bottom and map functions up top as well.

      I've got some pictures of the hog with the old top I'll post later.
      1978 Mako 25 - Blind Hog
      1985 Mako 20c - sold
      Fort Walton Beach, FL


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        Do you think the original tower was tall enough? I am thinking of going taller and add a second floor and station 3 or so foot taller than the original tower floor. Figured I could throw dive gear bags and fins in that area with a cargo net over the top.
        Steven Kwajalein Atoll, RMI


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          When my son first purchased our Mako250 the PO made added a spotting tower. THe fabricator added additional supports to the existing T-top structure. We decided to remove and sell the add on section. We removed the front supports only and left the rear support posts. There were no controls or electric up top.
          Keyman[br]Paoli, PA