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Bow Rail Loose on 171 (1992)

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  • Bow Rail Loose on 171 (1992)

    One of the pedestals for my bow rail is loose and it feels soft underneath when I press down on it.

    I am wondering what repair options I have.

    I assume when I pull the rail off there will be a hole underneath, but what type of access will I have without pulling the entire deck off? (Which is definitely more of a project I want to undertake.)

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    a picture would be helpful as there are a couple of different attachment methods. Most have pedestal bases with 2-4 screws and the screws typically allow water into the screw hole and the wood gets soft unless they are sealed or caulked. I have seen some that do not haver a base, just the pole and I am guessing that they are screwed in from the underside of the deck cap.
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