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Repower 1977 Mako 20

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  • Repower 1977 Mako 20

    I will be replacing the 115 optimax on my 1977 Mako 20. Looking at 115 or 150 Yamaha or Susuki. The boat is solid. Replaced fuel tank myself about 3 years ago. No waterlogged foam,stringers in good shape and transom is strong. I have already moved my batteries to under the console. Any thoughts or concerns about moving up to 150 and adding the extra 100 lbs to the back of the boat.

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    I have a 150 Johnson 2 stroke on m7 82 20. No weight concerns and it seems to be a pretty standard setup, even in 4 strokes.
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      In my opinion, I think the only way to answer that is to float the boat, put 100lbs on top of the existing engine and see how it sits.

      If you say the transom is in good shape and can handle the extra weight (100lbs is not alot) - then you should be fine. I would pay special attention to the transom through hull drains to make sure that they are not underwater when the extra weight is added.


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        My 1974 is fine with a 150 Suzuki, and my only regret is not getting the 175, as it is the same block so same weight.

        I think 140 is just a tad underpowered for this hull, and I think any modern 200 is too heavy.

        Good luck!
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