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17 mako above deck gas tank

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  • 17 mako above deck gas tank

    Gas tank I put in 15 years ago finally gave up.... Part of the problem was the way I installed it since had bunch of wet foam on top of the tank which corroded the fill tube. I have rot in other parts of the boat and decided maybe it is time to look for another boat.

    Meanwhile I really want to fish and being without running boat will make me depressed. I ordered a 22 gallon above deck moeller tank and can't decide where to put it.

    Option 1:

    Behind the cooler seat but concerned with having to much weight in the back.

    Option 2:

    In front of the console seat but concern is cuts down on fishing room.

    If you guys have any experience with this please chime in.

    Thank you,

    1981 17 mako[br]115 Optimax[br][br]

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    This is a picture of the mess I found under the console access plate. I look closely can see the hole in corroded fill tube.!ApCfwTOj86P_htxIodEKdOJgTnMc8w
    1981 17 mako[br]115 Optimax[br][br]


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      One option you can explore would be to cut out the inside of the front seat cooler and stick the tank in there if it fits. My front seat cooler has been holding life jackets for the last 47 years.
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        I have that cooler rigged as a live well and I primarily live bait fish over the reef so don't want to loose it. Thank you.
        1981 17 mako[br]115 Optimax[br][br]


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          Bite the bullet and just replace the tank. I've seen some stuff it in the console but I'd be really concerned about vapors and sparks. It shouldn't matter where you put it, it's only temporary but I would try and keep it out of the direct sun.
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            On my neighbors 17 he went with an external tank which he mounted in the port stern area because his tank was bad. As Sailor mentioned you don't want to mount the tank inside of the console for two reasons. One is for safety and the other is against Coast guard regulations. I know the tank will take up valuable deck space but will be your best options until you replace the original tank. Be safe.
            Keyman[br]Paoli, PA


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              Guys thank you for your inputs. Will post pic once get it all sorted out.
              1981 17 mako[br]115 Optimax[br][br]


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                the factory tank in my 17 is under the console. 1970.


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                  This is what I ended up doing. This will allow me to fish this summer. 22 gal mueler tank. Sea trialed the boat yesterday and she wrote fine and self bailed with no water in the back of the boat.


                  1981 17 mako[br]115 Optimax[br][br]