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    Did Mako make a 28 Center Console with twins? If so what years?

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    Mako made the first 28 cc starting in the mid 80s. It had a 9'10'' beam with 300 gallons of gas and rated for 600 hp. That lasted until the late 80s.

    The second one was a euro transom with an 8'6" beam that came out in 96 or so.

    A third one came out after Bass Pro bought them with a little wider beam I think.
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      The third is the current 284 which has a 910 beam and isnt based on any previous mako. The first that was referenced was a solid boat,, and the last was when the 261B had to be relabeled as a 282 due to USCG regulations. Personally id put the 284 just ahead of the 261B/282 but that is my own preference both of those were great boats. The older 28s youd have to do more digging to find info on
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        Originally posted by Mack

        Did Mako make a 28 Center Console with twins? If so what years?

        In that time frame they made a 284 which was the center console version of the 285 which was a dual console. Of the 284, there were two versions a shallower draft and a deeper draft. Apparently the shallower draft was a very hard riding boat due to the lack of V but fantastic on the drift. The deeper draft version is more desirable.

        Here is a link to the owners manual for the 284/285

        and a picture of the 284 CC with the forward cabin.

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        Also if you are in the market, there is a local boat here in Destin that was bracketed, repowered with twin 200 Suzuki's and in very good condition. Check out the Mako Owners group on facebook for more information.
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