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  • Swim Platform Install

    New swim platform. Either the top or bottom will touch the transom. I cannot get both to touch. What's strange is holding the old one up, its gap is worse. The platform appears to have a slight down angle regardless whether the space is kept at the top or bottom. With the bottom brace tight to the hull, it really points down so best look is for top bracket to touch and then figure out how to get the bottom one secured. Anyone experience this and if so, how did you solve?

    Top touching, bottom out

    Space at top

    Space at bottom when top touches

    Bottom touching, top out. Platform points down.

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    If you bolt up the top and middle points, is there enough flex to the bottom support to pull it up until it touches and then bolt it there?
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      No. The brackets are strong. I emailed the photos to the company. They suggested I add 1/2" spacers to the middle brackets, bolt the top, then measure the bottom gap. If that makes the platform level, they will make plastic spacers to send me.


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        I would just change the platform for one that matches the transom, there are several vendors out there making them. But if you are sort of set to use it, just fit spacers at the bottom. I wouldn't go "plastic" tho, I would purchase a small sheet of G10 on ebay to match the gap and drill the spacers with a hole saw.


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          PlasTEAK's solution seems right on the money. They are making 2, 1/2" spacers and 1, 1 3/8" spacer. When held up with a 1/2" board behind the middle brackets and the top bracket against the transom, the platform looked level.


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            The spacers were waiting for me when I arrived home for the weekend. It was a bit fun holding something so heavy while trying to mark the holes, but God led me. Platform is level with the splace well. Holes were drilled then sealed with epoxy. I also used lifeseal around each hole. Now I don't need to carry a swim ladder. That's a luxury to me.