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1981 25______Found your shirt!

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  • 1981 25______Found your shirt!

    While removing the foam on my 25 rebuild today I found a nice striped shirt near front boxes. It was IN the foam!!!

    Also found a BUNCH of washers.

    Most surprisingly I found that my outer (short stringers) were solid glass. Was this normal? Ive never heard of it. Dang near broke a hammer on one while digging foam out. I mean solid glass.

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    Mako used T shirts to stop the foam from going in places it was not supposed to go, not heard of solid glass stringers, I sorta doubt it but who knows.
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      Yeah. There was an uncle that had a t-shirt biz. He gave them the extras, leftovers, and stuff people didnt claim. They used them in the boats.
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        Frame it
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          That makes sense as I found it around the drain in front bulkhead.

          I cant believe the glass stringers. Ill be posting the project soon as I know have enough progress worth posting. I will show the stringers also. My son plans to help me navigate the photo loading process!