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How would you go raise the deck?

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  • How would you go raise the deck?

    Hey guys. I'm am scratching my head on how to go about raising my aft deck pocket.

    Currently the aft 6ft of the top cap is off the boat. I took this off for my transom and stringer replacement.

    I have already removed the molded splash door catches on the bulkheads of the aft top cap and plan to have a flat surface for bolsters.

    Then next step is to raise the section of lower deck even with the rest of the deck.

    How would you go about this?

    Option 1 cutting out the lower section including the drain channels that are lower then the rest of the deck, then glassing that cut out section even with the deck fwd. It will take some trimming and filling but could work.

    Option 2 is cut out the lower sections and put a flat glassed plywood insert down and once installed cut in a 24x12 armstrong access hatch?

    Also I do plan on putting an engine shroud (conch/seavee) style on the boat .
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