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Considering Buying 1983 Mako 224 *pics included*

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  • Considering Buying 1983 Mako 224 *pics included*

    Let me get this out there first. I know next to nothing about boats. I am an internet expert per-se. After taking a look at this boat today I wanted to ask some real experts about what they think of this boat. Specifically the pictures of the transom area. I went around and 'knocked' on it and didn't hear any hollow sounds but really.. without a core sample I don't think anyone could say for sure if the transom is good/bad. It does however seem to be distorted where the motor mounts. Also, where the transom and the floor meet on the inside there are cracks in the fiberglass .. not sure if these are spider cracks ( rather large if they are ) or for-sure cracks. Could you guys (and gals) please let me know what you think?

    This is my first post on this forum. I appreciate you guys being here. Reminds me of a Mark VIII forum I used to visit.

    I've uploaded the pictures I've taken to an album.

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    Hard to tell from the photos but Id guess the transom is bad since the motor looks like it has sunk in to the transom. Also thats not a 224 its a 21.
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      It's a 21. I'd get a marine Surveyor to look at it. You might find somone on this site who would be willing to look at? It is a project,IMO. I have a 21 and it's been great. They are tough boats ,well constructed. What price are they looking for it?


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        Yep definitely looks like a 211. Judging by the pics alone I would say your transom is suspect but could possibly still give years of service. The best way to check it is to bounce the engine with it partially tilted and observe the transom for excessive movement. Pay attention to the transom corners on the exterior and the spider cracks on the interior. I cant tell but if the engine is sinking into the transom that is no bueno. Mine was pretty flexy when I replaced the transom but upon opening the transom it was still pretty structurally sound and I could have gotten another season or two out of it. Good luck, its a great riding hull.
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          That's a stringer up project boat, one you won't be using any time soon from the looks of it. My guess is wiring, fuel hoses, fuel tank, and who knows what, needs replacement. If you're buying it for $1 and enjoying rebuilding boats, then its your dream come true. If you're trying to get on the water cheap, this is not the route you want to take, especially since this is your first boat.


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            Thanks for all the responses so far.

            I've gone back out with a couple neighbors that .. while not experts... are very skeptic of used boats... we jumped on the motor again trying to make the transom move and it didn't. I knocked around again and heard nothing. We also went through the motor and the trim mechanism and found a problem with the trim mechanism, but the motor was given a clean bill of health by my neighbor ( who is literally a boat engine mechanic. ).

            We walked all around the deck and there are no soft spots. The owners seem to be very honest. They know the past 2 owners of the boat and have had the boat for 8 years. Has a new gas tank but I'm betting the fuel lines have never been inspected.

            The electronics I can do myself... I'm fairly handy with electricity.

            Here's my deal with this boat... It seems to me ( and my neighbors ) that the boat seems solid and that the boat can be used while I fix it. My 250# neighbor jumped on the engine and I didn't see the transom move at all.. so I'm guessing the transom has at least a couple seasons in it. The asking price is 6500$ fyi. We are taking it out next week to see how it is on the water.. make sure everything works etc.

            The ONLY thing that bothers me is it appears that the motor is sinking into the transom.... when I went back out and looked at it again It appears there is no deflection in the transom ... and I got inside and knocked around the screws and the inside bolts are not sinking into the transom. I'm wondering if it's an illusion of it being sunk in because of the metal bar going across. ( you can zoom in on the picture if you want and see for yourself what I'm talking about ).


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              Ok, guys you convinced me. I talked with a marine surveyer. I'm getting a survey done. I think it will be 200$ well spent.


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                Originally posted by Mycophiles

                Ok, guys you convinced me. I talked with a marine surveyer. I'm getting a survey done. I think it will be 200$ well spent.

                great idea,

                if youre unsure what to look for its best to pay someone who does. thats the cheapest 200$ of owning a boat. you will soon learn.

                When i bought my 25' the seller was cool.

                before i took it, I was allowed to drill holes in transom to check for moisture, pressure test her fuel tank, some sellers are very cool, provided you fix whatever holes you make.

                whatever you think the project time will take, double it.

                what ever money you think itll cost, double it.

                if youre ok with the time and money youll spend, buy it.

                its definately a project. but at the end of the day if you do it yourself, youll have a boat that youll know every nook and cranny of and itll be reliable at a fration of the cost of a new one.
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