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1975 23 Mako CC Floor Replacement

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  • 1975 23 Mako CC Floor Replacement

    Hello, I just joined the group today (3/13/19), and have some questions. I bought a 23 1975 Mako CC last spring and now I am in the process of replacing the floor. I got the console out and fuel tank out and Im about to cut the floors out this weekend. From what I can tell so far the stringers arnt to bad but who knows yet. I am planning on buying 3/4 AB Marine Grade Ply from Home Depot and glassing them in with epoxy resin. Is the marine ply from Home Depot ok to use? Also, I am going to replace the tank and need some suggestions on where to find a replacement. I have a Donavan Marine account and have seen some moeler plastics tanks in the catalog but Im not really that confident in them.

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    I haven't seen the marine ply at HD but I have seen it at lowes. If it's in fact marine ply it should be fine but you may want to look into a carbon core/honeycomb material as well. It's pretty cheap and easy to work with.

    Most frown upon the plastic tanks and use sunshine marine for a new tank. As for the stringers it never really made that much sense to me that people were doing deck replacements without going the whole nine yards and replacing a transom/stringers. You may want to triple check that the transom/stringers are as good as you say. I would hate to put in all that effort and then have to tear it apart again next year.
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      Home Depot didn't have marine ply in my area (Charleston, SC) but Lowe's did. Fit it up, give it a good soaking of resin before you bond it in with thickened epoxy and you should be fine.

      You can look at my build thread and see what you're getting into. Hope it helps, and feel free to ask questions. Good luck!


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        Originally posted by AndrewT97

        I have a Donavan Marine account and have seen some moeler plastics tanks in the catalog but Im not really that confident in them.

        When I was researching fuel tanks for my 1976 23, I was unable to find any plastic tanks that would fit in place of the original tank that were of a reasonable size. I ended up going with a locally sourced aluminum tank.
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          Save yourself some money and go to a real lumber yard and buy ACX. Then hot coat with thinned epoxy twice then a coat or 2 of unthinned. It will outlive you. Be sure to overdrill the console mounting screw areas and fill with thickened epoxy to keep water from rotting the wood from the inside out. Box store plywood is junk.