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  • Tinting Catalyst

    I see a lot of projects using a red resin or catalyst. I assume its the catalyst so you know your mixed thoroughly? I've never seen it locally so where are you getting it? I guess a food coloring wouldn't work...

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    old resin will turn red, especially if it gets hot.
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      FGCI is where I got my red catalyst.


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        I haven't bought any but I've looked into it. It looks like Hamilton Marine also sells it, but I couldn't tell if they charge a hazmat fee to ship it. The fee from FGCI looked to be $27.50. It might be worth asking your normal supplier if they can get it.

        My one recommendation would be that whatever you end up going with, run a small test batch. I once added white tint to a batch of fairing mix I made (different stuff, I know) and the stuff ended up gumming sandpaper horribly.
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