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  • Power for 20 Mako

    I am refreshing a 20 foot mako and need help deciding on power. Can anyone provide cruise/fuelburn for their setup and what they have for a engine? Currently at the top of my list are 150 etecs and 175 zuke.

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    I got a 20 but not any of the new power you were looking. Running a 99 150 Johnson 2 stroke I've been able to get these numbers with 2 different props:

    14.5x19 3 blade stainless PN 389924

    36 knots at 6000 WOT and trimmed

    22.5 knots at 4000 rpms before falling off plane

    14.5x26 raker 3 blade stainless

    38 knots at 5200 WOT and trimmed

    26.7 knots at 3900 rpms

    18knots at 3200 rpms before falling off plane

    Fuel burn has been right around 2 MPG. I wonder what the newer motors might be getting.
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      My dad has a F150 Yamaha on his 2001 192, which is a very big 19 footer. He is averaging 3.5 mpg and can stretch that to 4 at a modest 22-23 mph cruise. It runs nice 25-35 mph and tops out just above 40.
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        Hey Mac have a 1989 201 originally powered with a 200hp Yamaha. 30knots just under 2mpg. WOT 41. Just repowered with a 225 OX66.Never heard anyone say "I wish I had less horsepower" go 200 or more


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          Don't know my exact numbers, but happy with 150 Suzuki. Only regret not getting 175, as same block same weight.

          Think a 150 (or 175?) etec also a good choice.

          Would not get a modern 200 - think too much weight and hp for this hull, at least in my year range. But if yours is a newer version of the 20, then a 200 might be possible.

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