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1997 Mako 221 Specs, anyone?

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  • 1997 Mako 221 Specs, anyone?

    Hi all. I'm just looking to track down whatever full specs I can get on a 1997 Mako 221 beyond what the website has (they have length, width, weight, draft, fuel capacity). I am thinking of making a purchase but the owner doesn't have the original owner's manual and I am just looking for as much information as I can get. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    I own this exact boat and could not be happier with it. I have all the original paperwork that my grandfather got when he bought the boat brand new. Is there something specicfic you are looking for?


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      Hello Itriio, I saw that we have the same unit. I have an M211 in France, I'm looking for the original wiring diagram and the specifics of the sun rate. If you have this information I am interested, besides I am starting restoration work on the hull so I am looking for any documentation on the 211. Yours
      mako 172