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compartment in front of console - '73 Mako 232

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  • compartment in front of console - '73 Mako 232

    Ive had the boat for about six months but I am just getting to know the details and plan my repairs/upgrades. This site is a fantastic resource of information.

    Im assuming the compartment under the seat in front of the console is an ice chest for drinks. It is not waterproof so you cant store any belongings you want to keep dry. There are no connections for a livewell and the drain hole (small ) empties onto the deck on the side of the console so I wouldnt use it for a fish box. After poking around under the console Ive discovered the space between the inside wall of the box and the console wall is void. No insulation, nothing. Therefore, in the heat of the southern Louisiana fishing summer ice will melt fast. Not to mention the condensation under the console.

    Ive read several threads with photos about pulling the console up. I could flip the console upside down, add a bulkhead and pour foam around the ice box. But that seems like an arduous task.

    I also thought about adding a bulkhead (to hold in the foam), drilling two small 1 holes in the top on either side of the box (which will be hidden under the seat / lid, and pouring foam through the holes.

    Does anyone have any suggestions of how to insulate this area any easier?

    Is it worth the trouble or should I just plan on bringing lots of ice?
    Capt Mud Flat[br]\'73 Mako 232[br]Mandeville, LA