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Underpowered Mako?

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  • Underpowered Mako?

    I am looking for a possible restoration candidate and upgrading my current 21 mako to a 230 cabin model. I have found a 230 with a 200 yamaha, but do worry it is underpowered. Can anyone shed light on this? I can probably get the boat in the low to mid teens price wise.


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    Probably not a speed demon but it will certainly get you where you want to go and back. Speed is all relative to the driver anyways. [] You could easily sell/swap the motor for a 250 and not have any issues at all if turned out you didn't like the performance. That's a nice boat and you need to reach out to Brandon aka Brando - see his current thread in the projects - My Sanity.
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      That 200 should push that 230 just fine. A newer 250 will be nicer and give better fuel savings but I would run it as is for awhile. I had a 1998 Suzuki DT 200 on mine before the repower and at the time I was happy with the performance. Im just happier now lol

      Good luck
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        I've got an 88 230 with a yammy 225 2-stroke. 40-43 is tops. I wish it had a 250.


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          I have an '84 228 with a 175 Etec. If it were a 4 stroke, I probably wouldn't be happy. But with the hole shot of the 2 stroke, it serves my purposes just fine. It's no race boat, but at 62 yo, I don't need one.

          I've had as many as 6 ppl & a cooler full to keep them "hydrated" and she cruises at 4000 rpm in the 20 - 22 range. I do need to drop to a 15p prop. The Etec's like to achieve max rpm's
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            Great input from all thanks. I put some pen to paper and approximated ready to fish weight including a full tank of fuel, gear and passengers would be approximately 4,200 pounds.

            Would you estimate your weights to be right around there? If I could obtain say 27 to 30 knots at 4000 rpm Id be happy with that. I dont want to have to run the engine to high in rpms.

            Wish one could test a boat prior to purchase with more than 20 gallons onboard, all his buddies and fishing gear to get a realistic speed and performance figure...