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  • Mako 260 cuddy

    I have been wondering why there is no bilge access or forward bilge pump in my 260 walk around.

    I have had quite a few boats with cuddys over the years, and a 34 hattaras sport fish. All had a forward bilge pump. My 260 does not. I dont see one in the manual for the boat. There is a drain for the cabin, but nothing in the bilge. (shower drain pump) I put that on an auto pump so rainwater would pump out.

    Do I need to add an access and a forward pump for the bilge? not sure if the water sits in it. I dont leave the boat in the water.I am a little stearn heavy with with twin 4 strokes but I can see where water in the forward bilge could be a cause of sinkage or other issues....