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73 232 - no foam under deck ???

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  • 73 232 - no foam under deck ???

    Ive been getting to know my new to me 73 Mako 232 that I acquired a few months ago. Ive been reading a LOT of threads/posts here on CM. Im grateful for the wealth of info everyone has shared.

    Looking under rear deck via bilge access hatch I discovered the area under the deck aft of the fuel tank all the way back to the transom is void of any foam. It doesnt appear that there was ever any foam in that area.

    From everything Ive read I assumed all Makos were foam filled from original construction. Were any original Makos not foam filled?

    Can anyone share thoughts on this?
    Capt Mud Flat[br]\'73 Mako 232[br]Mandeville, LA