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  • Looking to buy this, need to know ?'s

    Hey guys looking to buy this mako for my brother. I have good

    Knowledge of older makos and what to look for but I want to confirm a few things

    Is this a 253b like the owner is stating?

    Any thing in particular to look for in this model?

    Fuel tank removal easier on this then a c.c mako due to not having to remove rigging and electric? (Original tank so it will need replaced)

    06 Yamahas need to be inspected for the corrosion issue still but and word of caution if they have over 1,000hrs?

    Transom was already redone, not sure where the live well is in deck?

    Any other information would be great. Thanks in advance!

    Price point seems ok, depending on the motors inspection.
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    I have a 98 253. I do not think that boat is a 253, possibly a 243B.
    1998 253 W/A Suzuki 300


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      Price seems high to me for original tank and engine hours
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        Also agree that its a 243B and for original tank its a little high id digure 14-18k depending on how engines check out as well as tank
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          So a 243b, I am curious to see the inside on the mid sections on these motors. Going to do a thorough inspection. No real way of checking the tank. Bore scoping the inside doesn't mean much and pressure test doesn't mean much. I will just assume and account for a tank replacement since its original.

          Any concern with the cuddy on these? Water intrusion cause de lamination anywhere from the cuddy hatches?
          Fort Lauderdale, FL[br]1990 231 Mako[br]1998 Keywest 1720[br][br][br][/url]


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            Looks like a 250B to me.

            A 243 looks like a 253 with the eurotransom.


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              I wonder if Mako finished this boat late in 1993 and then gave it a 1994 HIN. The specs on the sheet in craigslist match those of a 1993 253B which seem to match those of earlier 250B's. So I'm thinking it's the same as a 250B.

              I had a 1988 201 which was made late in the year. Per the info on the Mako web site the 201 wasn't make in 1988.
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                That water line tells a story. Sits really low and if the line is correct that bracket is not out of the water. Inspect carefully.
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