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    The guys here in florida, which transducers are y'all using for your bottom fishing, deep dropping, trolling, diving. Whats the best all around transducer.

    Does anybody have a recommendation for the best transducer to pair with the Simrad GO9 XSE? I currently have the totalscan transducer back there which does what I need I suppose, but not all of it. It won't pick up depth or bottom while running (and there isn't much room to move it further down, 1995 Mako231) and if I get much deeper than 200-300 feet it won't show much good detail despite playing with the frequencies. Most of the year I am diving and fishing from 70-180 but a few times a year I'm in the keys and bahamas and would like to be able to pick up some good bottom for deep dropping. I'd also like to be able to read bottom while running. Any suggestions without completely breaking the bank? Thank you in advance.

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    Subscribing, i'm also in the market for something similar. My OLD raymarine unit crapped out on me and I need to replace it, not sure if the transducer can be reused with a new unit.
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      I just installed a Garmin 942xs. Transducer I went with was a airmar b75m. Good to about 300 feet. Any deeper than that Ive heard the b175 is better. I fish the fowey rocks to carrysfort area. I went with the thru Hull. Previous owner on my boat installed the trim tabs close to the vee, so a transom mount would have been installed higher up catching air and not worked well. Luckily the thru-Hull sits perfect off of a chine and is on good clean bottom. I dont do much past 300 but I suppose if I ventured to the islands I might do deep dropping, so depends on your fishing application.


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        after years of transom mounted...i went to thru hull comparison...only way to go...FOR SURE.
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          If I were in the market, the only transducer on my shirt list would be the Raymarine RV300. Throughhull with sidescan, it's a really slick unit.



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            I recently picked up a Simrad GO9xse but have yet to install it on my boat. Ive been researching thru hull transducers to replace the total scan one it came with since I care more about being able to read the bottom well at cruising speed and less about sidescan or downvu. I didnt want to spend more than $500 so I had narrowed it down an airmar B60 or B150M. The B60 is the traditional 50/200kHz frequency (no chirp capability) and is 600W. The B150M is a medium chirp (95-155kHz) but is only 300W. The B150 also comes in a H and L models for high & low chirp capabilities depending on the depths you most commonly fish. Just a couple other thru hull options if you are on a budget like me.
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