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'79 Mako - Windshield questions

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  • '79 Mako - Windshield questions

    I've got a 25 and a problem with the windshield. Due to poor planning with the t-top install, there is very little clearance between the support bars on each corner of the top of the windshield. Not an issue at rest, but last time I was out, I took a wave funny and it shook the top enough to contact and break a large chuck out of the screen.

    So this leaves me with 2 questions for you guys.

    1) Assuming the windscreen is original (no idea??) what material would it be made out of and who can tell me what the best glue/adhesive to replace the missing chuck (it is large, a pie wedge about 8" long by 4").

    2) I obviously need to to something about the clearance to prevent this from happening again. I'm thinking I could notch or scallop out a cut from each corner near the bars, so if the top shakes it will have a little more wiggle room in the future. But obviously i'd like to keep it looking as clean as possible, if we could discuss what tool and method might be best, (grinding, cutting, drilling, etc?) for a reasonably clean final product.

    I'm cursed with windshields, not too long ago in my old boat, a barracuda jumped from the water into the cockpit to and busted the whole thing in two. [B)]
    1972 Mako 22[br]1979 Mako 25

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    Must be an aftermarket top? UPD plastics makes replacement windshields. Maybe ask them to make one shorter to clear the supports? Tough to envision without pics


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      Hmm. I'll try to grab a pic but the boat just got pulled and wrapped for winter, so I may not be able to revisit it for a little while.

      The top was actually built for a 22' and added onto the 25 later. The point of contact is the lateral arms that bolt into the front of the console and stretch out to the uprights to limit horizontal movement. The contact occurs just at the top of the winsheild, just before it curves around to the sides.

      They probably should have measured a bit better, though I will say at rest there is a fair amount of clearance, they probably just underestimated how much the total structure could flex in the right(wrong) conditions.

      On another note, mrdelgado, I've got to say since I have you attention here, I recently went from a 72 '22 to a 79 25'. I joined the site only fairly recently, but finding your old threads on both boats, well they are imprinted in my brain as inspiration and very useful information. So without knowing it you've already been a huge help to me. So thanks for that.
      1972 Mako 22[br]1979 Mako 25


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        Oh that's good.

        what a huge difference going from a 22 to a 25, huh?