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Bow mount on 21' Mako center console

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  • Bow mount on 21' Mako center console

    I'm looking into installing a bow mount on my 1989 21' Mako 21B and am wondering whether this would be underpowered in any water with a decent current ripping. My concern even at 36V is that this may be too much boat for a bow mount to function effectively. Any thoughts would be appreciated.. Thanks!

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    I think youd be fine, within the last month or two I believe someone made a thread about doing the same thing. Hopefully theyll chime in or look through the project section
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      I had a 36 V 109 thrust trolling motor on the bow of my 224. It had PLENTY of steam for all but impossibly windy days.

      Two things to consider:

      1- Make sure to get a long enough shaft, so the prop stays in the water when the water gets rough... IIRC, I had the longest available without resorting to a custom made one (at the time) at 62"...

      2- I had an initial issue with that long of a shaft, and being fully deployed, in that the originally supplied rubber "nut-sert" type mount fasteners, split the rubber, and pulled out of the drilled holes in the gunwale, allowing the whole assembly to nearly go over-board. Thankfully, I was able to shut it down, and catch it before it went into the drink...

      I corrected this problem by cutting off the brass nuts in the originally supplied mounts, and replacing them with large washers and stainless "ny-loc" nuts to allow "through-bolting" the bracket. Problem never re-surfaced... []
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