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New Mercury 225/Boatshow deals?

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  • New Mercury 225/Boatshow deals?

    At the risk of having this thread moved to the motor section, Ill post here becasue I think general discussion gets a lot more traffic and Id like to hear any experience or real world info.

    Miami boatshow is coming up in February 2019 and Im hoping to see if there are any deals in the new LIGHTWEIGHT Mercury 225 6 cylinder 4 strokes. THT reports a 6 month backlog on them from what I read. I was considering the Suzuki 200 4 banger, but much rather go withthe Mercury now.

    FYI Ill be replacing my tried, true and tired 1990 Yamaha 225 on my Mako 210.

    What do you all think about these motors on our older Makos? Havent seen much discussion here about them.

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    the new mercury's will 100% be the way to go just based on their weight alone. They've been testing them for a few years so they shouldn't have many problems but all new motors will have some. I personally would get on that waitlist immediately because it has been near 6 months for almost 6 months and I don't see it getting any shorter. I work at the bass pro selling the new makos in md and we've been told to tell people it will be at least 6 months till they get one AFTER they order it
    *on the hunt for a 241/261*[br]1989 Mako 210 (sold and missed)


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      Yep, heard all the same things. Ringleader ordered a set for his 261 and he is in the waiting game for now.
      David, New Kent, Va

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        Thanks JohnB, appreciate the insider tip. I remember when you were selling your 210. Do you feel the new Merc 225 would have been just right for it if you still had her? If I recall you had the Excel 225.


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          That boat loved all the power it got, that old 225 definitely wasnt pushing the full hp but that boat loved to be above 25knots so i would definitely go with the same 225 but you could also probably get away with a 200.
          *on the hunt for a 241/261*[br]1989 Mako 210 (sold and missed)