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Fuel coffin lid re core

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  • Fuel coffin lid re core

    Hey guys ,

    I need to re core a deck lid that is 84 x 26. Ive had three separate quotes of $2000 to $2500. Yikes. Is this something that can fairly easily accomplished as a DIY , or left to the pros ?
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    Ive got between $5-600 in materials to do it with composite materials, plywood would be cheaper. If its really rotten then the old core comes out pretty easy but if its got a lot of solid would it takes A LOT of sanding and grinding to remove. Just food for thought on how labor intensive it can be. Not to mention whether or not those quotes included pulling the console or if you were doing that yourself.

    If thats for everything - you drop the boat off, they remove console/wiring and core, fix it with composite materials, and reinstall everything Id say thats reasonable pricing. Its very labor intensive plus youll need a couple sets of hands to help with removal and install of big items.
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      You can DIY it, but with console derigging, grinding out old core, etc etc...figure 20 hours of work if I had to guess.
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        Brian..what hatch is it? When I bought my Grady the lid over the main fuel tank was toast and the fighting chair was like a hobby horse at a kids playground. I flipped the hatch over and cut the glass around the outter edge and dug out the core, which was balsa wood, I think. I replaced it with a piece of 3/4" plywood. I saturated it in epoxy and thru bolted it to the hatch in a few spots I painted the bottom side with epoxy and I glassed in the outer edges. I did it in a afternoon in the backyard.
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          Chris, I may be doing it on a pursuit 2470. No console to move etc
          Brian Duff[br]1988 Mako 211-Sold [br]1991 Mako 231 special edition[br]2001 Yamaha 250 ox66[br]Toms River, NJ[br][br]


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            I used an air chisel and made quick work of it.

            And I know this doesn't apply to the OP but I was able to lift my console up on blocks and didn't have to de-rig.
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