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Bow Cushions and Bow dodger

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  • Bow Cushions and Bow dodger

    Hi everyone,

    Im looking for the bow cushions for a 2002 221. I have the originals however they need replacement. Also, I am looking for a used bow dodger. Anyone know of any cushions or a dodger for sale or where to buy them?


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    You'll likely have to go custom. I can recommend Salt Marsh Canvas out of Amesbury/Newbury Ma, as I see you are out of Boston area. She gets pretty booked. I have same hull(99), nice ride.
    Steve[br]1989 Mako 231(sold)[br]1999 Mako 221[br]Newbury, Ma


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      Awesome! Thanks, Parker!

      They are great boats...


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        My parents had saltmarsh do some canvas work. Top notch work, but it took awhile and was pricey.

        I just sent my cushions down to FL. Took the foam out obviously. $45 each way. And sent them to Their quote was less than half of what an avg. quote was up here. I scoured the interweb and only bad reviews were turn-around time. I figured I had all winter. They must have got their act together cuz I had the new skins back in under 2 weeks. They duplicated all the snaps and zippers too. Emails were quickly responded to. I put my 40yo foam back in and may replace that next year. You're welcome to come check mine out, I'm on the north shore.




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          Great! thanks for the info, mrdelgado!


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            Originally posted by tos001

            Great! thanks for the info, mrdelgado!

            Np, tell Archie Mike Delgado from classic mako sent you. Nice guy to talk to.