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Lewmar or Bowmar

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  • Lewmar or Bowmar

    Price is comparable. Lewmar has a replaceable top

    Im leaning towards lewmar because of size choice.

    What opinions are out there on quality etc ?
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    Take a look at Good Automatic windlass located in Barnegat, NJ. We installed one a few years ago and have had no issues with it. The installation instructions are very clear and great customer support. Installed separate circuit breaker powered from motor battery as suggested to prevent interference with electronics.
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      I just installed a lewmar profish 700, so far I like it, has a free fall option makes deployment quick
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        Lewmar would be my choice...And if you bottom fish a lot like we do you will love it. If you can get the free fall model it helps you get on your target quicker without drifting off before anchor is set.....Also not all windlasses can accept chain/rope both. This is important as we all know several feet of chain before the anchor really helps it set. If you buy the factory rode you will have no problems...If your cheep like me you will need skills to splice the chain to the rope in such a way to allow it to seamlessly enter the windlass. I cant do it but ask around usually someone in the area can...I installed my windlass 8 years ago and I used heavy gauge jumper cables with copper conductors. All the connectors were soldered, after I cut off the ends that came with the cables. 25 foot cables are not that common but can be found. The price of good marine wire has come down since so if I had to do it over I would look at that. I also didnt really like the windlass solenoids that are so pricy. I opted to use golf cart solenoids and they have been absolutely trouble free, and if I ever need to I can replace the up or down individually.
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