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Mako 251 Advice - Transom Rebuild

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  • Mako 251 Advice - Transom Rebuild

    I am starting the process to rebuild my transom, any stringer work, and add a bracket.

    I decided to do the work from the inside for various reasons, mostly due to the internal mods I want to do and stringer/structural work.

    Reviewing other projects, I have seen that a portion of the stern cap is removed. I'm wondering if the location of the yellow line in the attached image makes the most sense for the section to remove or if there is better place.



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    what other mods do you have planned?

    going to remove the boxes?
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      I like the boxes or should I say the surface area since we typically use them as sitting area or place the grill on them when we cook.

      My experience with working with fiberglass etc is kinda limited, I built a hard top last year that turned out pretty good. I am having a bracket built so I am going to raise the transom across the span.

      I suspect the stringers could be in need of work, so I am anticipating that as well. Either way I am going to reinforce them using Coosa or equivalent material.


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        if you aren't removing the boxes that's as good a place as any to cut

        best bet is to avoid cutting on concave curved surfaces, they make fairing more difficult.
        76 25 \"Aenigma\"[br]73 17[br]Richland/Long Beach, MS[br][br][br]17 project[br]