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1989 mako 28.5 ft.__Question

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  • 1989 mako 28.5 ft.__Question

    Looks like there were 3 28ft.mako mood delay made in 89.

    Found one for sale on a triple axle for 3 grand. Project hull.

    Seller didnt specify if it was cuddly or center console.

    Question: Anyone know if the 28.5 ft model was center console?

    If so Im getting it.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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    Not certain of this, but two models were open. One was center console, the other was twin console. The third model I assume is a cuddy. All three 28.5' centerline length.
    Ole Joe
    Just floundering around
    White Hall & Ocean City, Maryland
    1978 Mako 25


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      See mostly dual consoles, a few center consoles, & don't recall a cuddy.

      Good luck and keep us posted.
      \'93 241
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        There are various models but the one I have and the one I see most is the 285 dual console layout. There is I believe a 13 degree deadrise and 21 degree deadrise hull for the 285. The 21 rides much better.


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          Beautiful boat you have there. I'm jealous! I have always held that boat in high regard. She must be very, very comfortable to fish and cruise. The 13 degree hull might be the 1984 model listed below.


          Your post made me curious. For some reason, I thought there was a 28 cuddy but I believe that is not the case. In August of 08, "Triple Bogey" answered a request from "seaplane" to list the different models of Makos.

          Here are the 28' models listed in his answer beginning in 1984 with the outboard hulls highlighted.

          1984 171(a) 172(s)20c 21b 224 228cuddy 235 236(ib)238wa 254 258cuddy, 284ccid="blue">, 286ib

          1985 Same

          1986-1988 same but added the 285 split consoleid="blue">

          1989 171 classic,171 angler,191 classic, 210 classic,201cc,211cc,220cuddy,221cc,230wa,231cc,236 ib,240wa,241cc,250wa,251cc,260wa,281cc,285dcid="blue">,286ib

          Looks like the 281 and the 285 were continued until the end of the 1991 model year.


          Looks like you have a 50/50 chance of it being a center console. However, if it is not, I think I would have to look hard at the dual console. Looks like one heck of a lot of fishing room in that configuation.

          Let us know what you come up with.
          Ole Joe
          Just floundering around
          White Hall & Ocean City, Maryland
          1978 Mako 25