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New to me 171 and decal/seat/other questions

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  • New to me 171 and decal/seat/other questions

    Just picked up a nice 1989 171 (he called it a 173 though). Is that correct?

    Has a 2018 suzuki 90hp with less than 5 hours.

    Anyway, plan on cleaning her up some and get it looking little more modern.

    On the seat, how is the back rest suppose to be? Currently it is just exposed wood, is that how it was originally? Not sure if I should recover it, or buy a leaning post that allows a cooler under it.

    Second, no decals on her. Want to get some off ebay. What would the approiate size be (length and height)?

    Then lastly, is there easy options to replace the wood pieces on the boat? Like the anchor hatch, hatch to console, etc?


    Replacing a 1990 sea ox 20ft with a 2016 yamaha 200 and a 2016 parker 2320 with a 2014 yamaha 250 with this boat if anyone is interested lol

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    Congratulations on the 171 and Suzuki!

    Check out the placard thread on here, much nicer than stickers.

    Also, post some pics if you can.
    1988 Mako 17 Angler 2019 Suzuki DF140[br]1972 Mako 17 Standard 115 Yamaha-Sold[br]


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      Those placard's look good. May go that route, $100 vs $20 though. What length and height are 171 owners going with?

      Cant figure out how to post pics....

      Can I just buy a seat back to replace the aged piece of wood? like this one:

      On the foot steps that are wood, i found new ones on ebay for $24 a pair, or $50 for a pair of fancy ones engraved with Mako. Still trying to find what I need for the anchor locker, and console door.

      To replace the old wood rod holders on the side. Wheres a good place to find some? Or are people just cutting them themselves from starboard?


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        The placards that Eddie makes are top notch, however if youre on a budget stickers will obviously work but wont look as classy.

        Id estimate the length at about 12 or so and height around 3, someone else may be able to give you an exact measurement.

        My original rivited placards will be available around the 1st of the year providing I dont break them when I drill out the rivets.

        For the step pads I like the original teak. My bow and console hatches are almond color Starboard and trimmed out in teak which looks sharp.

        I re-did a 1972 17 years ago and got rid of most of the teak and regretted it, then again Im an old timer!

        Have fun making her pretty!
        1988 Mako 17 Angler 2019 Suzuki DF140[br]1972 Mako 17 Standard 115 Yamaha-Sold[br]