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oil tank placement on 17 Mako

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  • oil tank placement on 17 Mako

    Hello everyone

    In the process on installing a 130 Yamaha 2 stroke on my project Mako 17. Been thinking on where and which oil tank to install so I don't have to be mixing with fuel.

    All ideas are welcomed


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    You don't have many options. In either one of the rear fish boxes or under the console. It would be easier to pour more oil in the tank if its in one of the open top keepers or you could put it in the front seal cooler. Mine has life jackets for the last 40 years, but I also have a t-bag that I keep jackets in.
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      Thanks CGMILLER

      That's what I thought. I wish I could fit the tank inside one of the back storages. Probably I'll end up in front of the console


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        The tubing and wiring are long enough to reach from under console to stern. On our previously owned 17 which had a Merc which had an integral oil tank made adding oil easier. Personally I'd suggest mounting the tank in one of the rear boxes keeping oil refill and clean up easier.
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