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1979 25____1986 254.__ Are there major differences

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  • 1979 25____1986 254.__ Are there major differences

    Recently backed out of a GOOD 1986 254 (May regret that).

    Now Ive found a 1979 25. Price is fair for project hull.

    Ive seen some awesome rebuilds on here of both hulls.

    Did I screw up backing out of the 254 for a shot at a 25?

    Cant imagine there is a huge ride difference but what do I know.

    Currently in a 78 21 deep vee which I love but Im limited weatherwise.Anything over 10mph and Im on the couch recuperating for 3 days.

    Thanks for any input!

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    The 254 carries the strakes the whole way to the bow and this makes it a drier ride. Both are great boats and id go with whichever had better power on it. Really the biggest difference is layout but both will be a huge improvement over your 21 as they both have 23 degrees of deadrise

    Check this out:
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      Forward seating is different.

      Aft fish box is removed.
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        Great info thanks guys


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          The classic 25 has strakes that run all the way to the bow. The 254 does not and it has more of a reverse chine.

          The strakes on the 25 tend to throw spray out and it gets blown back into the boat in the right conditions. The reverse chine throws it down but it also "lands" a little harder in rough seas. Other then that the hulls are identical and the difference is interior.
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