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bit of a pickle... trailer for mako 26 inboard

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  • bit of a pickle... trailer for mako 26 inboard

    im in NC and bought a mako 26 that i am going to pick up in Maryland, this is my first inboard boat that il be buying and trailering, i need to bring a trailer to pick up the boat, i do have boat measurements but if anyone who trailers their 26 inboard mako can provide some trailer measurements i will greatly appreciate it!

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    The 26 Inboard is a Big, Beamy and, heavy boat. I personally have a professional hauler launch and recover mine, as she sits in the water all season.

    If this is a one time movement to get it home, you might want to contract with U-ship, or another Professional Hauler.

    Then, you can spend the Winter getting something set up correctly, if you plan on trailering on a regular basis.
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      pretty sure the 26 with dual inboards is wider than can be towed legally without a permit in most states. I'd check real careful because the fines can be steep if your pulled over without proper wide load signage and permits. Some states may even impound on the spot and not let you continue until you get the proper permits.