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hauling a 19

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  • hauling a 19

    i am looking at an older 70's 19 and wondering what should it take to haul it ? specs says it should be about 1500 lbs add a 120hp motor what am i looking at . it has a single axle trailer without brakes and the current owner says its heavy to haul ??

    I have a smaller 4X4 SUV with a factory trailer package that says its rated at 3500 lbs.

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    This is just my own opinion, but...I think you might be exceeding the 3500# limit of your vehicle.

    You need to consider the weight of fuel, batteries, fishing gear, wet foam, coolers and ice AND the weight of the trailer when you figure your towing weight. - you would be surprised at how fast it all adds up!

    Safest thing to do would be to find a nearby scale and have it weighed prior to purchasing it.

    Your SUV may be able to pull it fine, but STOPPING it in a panic situation may be disastrous...especially without trailer brakes.
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      What are you considering a "haul"? I drag my 17 around town with my Honda SUV rated for 1500 pounds and also towed my neighbors 21 Century to the ramp for him with no issues, but I was only doing 40 down the road...I will NOT take my boat out on the highway, but used to do it with my former SUV rated for 3500 pounds with no issues for a 60 mile ride. Make sure you turn off the overdrive. I towed my 17 back and forth to Florida 3 years in a row with a Ford Edge rated for 3500 pounds, but I would not tow my dads 2001 192 that far with it since that one was about 4000 pounds boat motor gear, fuel and a big dual axle trailer.
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        looks like a new truck in my future !

        I assumed as much but needed that nudge of sanity .


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          As said before by some others- it's not the pulling that's the issue, it's the stopping!


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            The 70s Mako 19s are great boats and not particularly heavy. The hull alone only weights 1,400 lbs. Add a trailer, an outboard, fuel, a CC and gear and maybe you at 2,500 lbs which is well below the 3,500 lb towing capacity of your little SUV. If stopping is your concern you may want to consider adding brakes to the trailer instead of purchasing a brand new vehicle. That may be cheaper. Either way...good luck.

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              How far will you be towing it?
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