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224 leans on plane

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  • 224 leans on plane

    so i got my new to me 82 224 out on the water for the first time with the new engine. boat needs a transom and the gas tank coffin is soaking wet and foam is soaked. from what i can tell the rest of the foam is dry. anyways. boat sits perfectly fine does not list port or starbord. now the first time i got it up on plane the thing listed really bad to port. i adjusted the little trim tab on the engine and it seemed to have helped a little bit. would one be crazy to assume that she has soaked foam. even though she does not list at all just adrift flat calm and nobody on it. i am really worried i have read horror stories about hooks in the hull. the list while on plane now one person 225lbs can make the boat ride straight. i am just worried my little 20 does not do anything like this.

    Also it seemed like with the engine trimmed all the way down it would lean worse. engine trimmed up it would almost come out of it.

    also i have looked at the obvious, lead weight on one side, un even load.

    the last thing im down to is wet foam.

    the owner before me said the boat ran fine/rode amazing. i could not sea trail because the guy had medical problems.

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    Does the boat have trim tabs?
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      The boat does not have trim tabs, it will I have a set for it.


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        Look underneath the hull and see if the boat has a hook on it. This can happen from sitting on trailer with bunk boards too short or a roller trailer where a roller is pressing up too hard.

        What engine and prop are you running?
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          I have looked and their is no hook that stands out. It has a normal roller trailer, 16 rollers I think. I have a trailer with 32 rollers that is going to be its new home. The hull seems to have a very round bottom/keel no V like my little 20. I will try and take a picture tomorrow because it is dark right now. My girlfriend said that she thinks the boat leans a little sitting. I will be pulling the gas tank this weekend then going to cut the coffin out. To see if she is wet.

          She has a 2003 Yamaha 200 HPDI it looks like it has a Yamaha 17P prop on it.

          I have a 17P mercury vengeance from a 225 Optimax that is going to go on.


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            I just checked the boat before I left for work and their is no that the eye can see. I will grab some serveryoring string and run a string line on the hill to see but the hull looks very very straight.


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              Likely prop torque...we see many threads about listing, and it's almost always to port.
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                You need trim tabs.
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                  My 224 would lay over to one side of the V depending on weight distribution before I added trim tabs. This is fairly normal for any V-hull. A set of 12 x 12 trim tabs will correct your issue and greatly improve the performance of your boat.


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                      Well i just got into removing my gas tank...

                      found alot of wet foam and the coffin needs to be cut out. looks like that tank was coated with something. so the tank looks brand new on the bottom and the sides. their is some pitting around the top but nothing im worried about. their is more wet foam on the port side. seems like the boat was sitting leaving/bow down. so it looks like i have alot of digging in my future..