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  • Worse riding Mako

    I came across an older post on Hull Truth where someone said their 230 was the worse riding hull of the all the older Mako's they owned. Anyone have insight on why that might be? My parents older (less deadrise) 23 CC with inboard rode fabulous. I'm not crazy about my 88 230s ride in a chop. Boat seems light instead of tankish. Bow is always high until I get her up to around 30knots at which time the bow comes down and evens out. I'd rather cruise at 22knts than always going full bore. Discussion invited.

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    tabs no tabs? not enough tab?

    too much stern weight? repowered etc?

    lots of things can affect this.

    I have a mid 80s 21B and to me it rides pretty damn good. But I have big tabs and I cannot lie, I like them


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      No tabs.

      1996 Yammy 225 2-stroke carbed.

      2 batteries under stbd fish box. Nothing else in the stern.

      As I mentioned in the post, but maybe not fleshed out enough, the discussion on HT commented that the 230 was not as good as the smaller and larger Makos that they had owned.


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        The early almost flat bottomed 22s from the 70s could pound. I've never ridden on any Mako that I would label as bad compared to some of the Whalers, Aquasports and Pro-Line boats of the era I've ridden on.


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          I should add that my 224 became a whole different boat the day I put trim tabs on it. It went from a good riding boat to a fantastic riding boat.


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            You may need bigger tabs.
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              You can't really compare an inboard 23 to a 23 OB version - Having the engine weight centered gives the boat more weight up front and a softer ride (center of gravity is forward). I have a 23 OB and have no issues - in certain sea states, I use a little trim tab and she is fine - certainly a quarter sea will bang the hard chine if not trimmed well