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    I live in Madagascar and I would like to buy this hull (fishing mainly). Unfortunatelly, nobody knows her history. Could you help me ?

    Is it well a Mako hull ?

    How old is she ?

    Is she full of foam (unsinkable)?

    (sorry, I am not able to insert the image)

    Many thanks,


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    It LOOKS like an older Mako 21, but we would need to see inside pics.

    If the deck is the color of mustard, then it probably is a Mako.

    It should have the Mako logo nameplate, or something like "Mako 21" on the aft quarters. You can see if there are old rivet holes from where a nameplate used to be.

    What you really need is the capacity plate, usually attached to the aft of the console--a small 10cm square aluminum badge giving boat name, number of people, etc.

    Or, you can look for the HIN (Hull Identification Number). Usually engraved onto a small aluminum strip, with one attached to the transom, and then I believe they also sometimes put one up inside one of the front hatches. Stick your head in and look around. If you fine the HIN, that will tell you everything--manufacturer, year, model, serial number, etc.

    Read this:

    PS--For the foam, these boats do have, and they /usually/ will not sink, but that does not mean the hull will not roll over and float upside down.

    Bonne chance!
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      Hi Georges,

      Thank you for your message.

      That is interesting. I try to see the hull in a few weeks. She is in an other city.

      Best regards,

      Alex []


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        let us know what you find out
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          Just based on math - 7 meters is 22.9 ft.

          Possibly a 224 based on that length
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