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18 LTS Rod Holders / Storage?

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  • 18 LTS Rod Holders / Storage?

    Well I'm an owner of a new-to-me 2016 18 LTS. Under the bow, inside the gunnels(?), there are 4 tubes (2 on port side, and 2 on starboard side) that I'm assuming are for rod storage. The problem is they do not have any support brackets for the reels or rod butts. They just slip in with nothing to prevent them from slipping out. The local Mako dealer looked for an accessory bracket but there are none that are made by Mako. What are you guys using as brackets?

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    Looks like they were meant to just hang out the back...

    You could make a holder out of wood with just the holes for the rod butts, but it looks like there's only space for two on each side and would be pretty tight up under the gunnel. Have you thought about a small bungee cord up under there to hold them against the bottom of the gunnel?

    Seems like they would bounce around a lot if not secured in some way.


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      Yea that bungie idea might work too. I'm still looking at all the options. No doubt I will have to invent something.

      It seems to me that the engineers that designed this, did not think about it all the way through. I mean, if you leave the rods unsupported, they will bounce around and eventually slip back...


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        Check Amazon. You'll probably have to go the same route I am leaning towards and just install some under gunnel rod holders. But you were correct, whoever designed them didn't put much thought into them.