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Optimax 150 fuel hose leak

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  • Optimax 150 fuel hose leak

    I have a leak in the high pressure hose that connects the feed from the high pressure pump to the starboard fuel rail. The original part was 804821002. I can not find and parts site that has that part. All list the hoses as no longer available. Motor is a 2006 Optimax 150. There must be a replacement part somewhere. Anyone had experience with this situation?

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    Are the fittings in good shape? Can you take it to a hydraulic hose manufacturer and have them replace the hose and re-crimp the fittings? If you have a Napa auto parts store nearby, ask them. They usually make hoses in-house as well.

    Also, I found this:

    Hope this helps!


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      Thanks for the info. I have a reference for a place near me that makes hydraulic hoses and fitting to order. Before getting an estimate, I have to remove the line and that seems to be a bit difficult. There are several components that need to be removed before I can get to the fuel rails to disconnect the hose fittings. I also sent emails to a few Mercury repair companies to ask for guidance. I will let you know how it works out.


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        That's interesting, my 08 Opti 175 has barbed fittings on the pump and rails...high pressure hose is pushed on and fastened with stainless crimp bands.

        I guess a design change between 06 and 08???
        1992 211 w/175 OptiMax
        Glen Campbell, Pa.


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          That arrangement would be so much easier to repair. I did manage to find a source for the hose assembly but the part lists for $348!! Yup two fittings and two sections of fuel hose. I am going to see if I can get the hoses replaced by the local industrial hydraulic hose fabrication shop. First task to remove the old assembly and that looks like a painful job. The lower cowling has to be removed. I have done that on the other motor and two of the bolts ( one specially) are tough to remove. My year Optis do not have the hole and rubber plug in the lower cowling that allows easier access to the bolts that later year models have


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            Update: I removed the fuel hose assembly. I found the leak in the hose; It looks like the hose just ruptured probably from age and maybe a bit of rubbing against other hoses and harnesses.

            My approach is to try to replace the hose itself. I was able to remove the crimped sleeve by cutting it open using a Dremmel and abrasive disk. It took a bit of time to cut. Then I had to kind of bend and pry to loosen the hose and yank it out. The cut sleeve then just slid off. The hose was labelled Fuel Injection and that is what I have on order. In addition, I ordered injection hose clamps and new orings for the fittings that plug into the fuel rails. FYI, the stem that the hose was crimped on is about 1 1/2 inches long and has a small lip (not exactly a true barb) on its end.

            I will update after I get all the parts , connect the new hose and reinstall. Fingers crossed.


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              Got the parts and repaired the bad section of hose using fuel injection clamps. Used Gates Barricade fuel injection hose.

              Installed the fuel line yesterday and ran motor on muffs for 30 minutes. No leaks, all looks good.I also replaced the orings while the hose was off. I ordered enough parts for two assemblies just in case the other motor has the same issue down the road. Total for parts and shipping was under $100. The replacement assembly assuming I could find it would have been almost $350.