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  • Non-skid recommendations

    Hey guys. Looking to re-do the non-skid on the 94 Intrepid. Im looking for recommendations regarding which product to use. Imleaning towards Kiwi-grip. Also what kind of prep is needed to the existing deck, just light sand? Feel free to share any other tips you guys may have.
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    Intrepid, nice! My little brother just started working for them. They just launched a 47' yesterday. I didn't realize how custom those boats are.

    I think my boat is still on the Kiwi site. I had a lot of correspondence with them when I picked it out for my boat. The good part about the product first. My son was about 7 or 8 and rolled most of the deck. I troweled it and he rolled it. So, it's very easy to apply. It is also very easy to repair. You just throw some down and hit it with the roller. The product is about the most comfortable on bare feet and does grip really well even when its wet.

    Now the "bad." It's really not that durable if you have friction. My tarpon crab net sits in the rod holder and always rubs a spot off each season. (But easy to repair). It is also much more difficult to keep clean compared to gelcoat/paint with an additive. I would recommend going lighter with the application to make it easier to clean.

    I would have to look at the surface prep. I had it on a new unpainted deck. I think it just needs a scuffed up surface. If you don't have the old stuff smoothed out you might create some pocket for dirt.

    Use one of those West Systems notched spreaders. Experiment with how thick to lay it down. You can buy the rollers at the box stores now if you want to save a little. Get a large and small one. Pick a color from a paint supplier that will be around and save the color card. Mine is Behr Oyster. You will have touch up here and there. If you have a Sherman Williams store they save all your paint in the system. Don't wait to long to pull the tape! It dries pretty quick. You can really pull as you go. The stuff is pretty thick.

    My son is a freshman in high school if you need help. He should be much better now! []