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Filling Holes in your console

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  • Filling Holes in your console

    I've had to do some repositioning of componets in my console.

    This is due to now using the factory Suzuki Benicle. It's a lot larger than Morose KE-4 Electronic unit. The change is due to cost of the KE-4 unit. I have also found a company that has an Electronic unit that can hook to any factory benicale for crows nest controls that is cheaper than the KE-4. Total cost for the KE-4 w/ controls in the crows nest is $5800.

    The set of pix's would apply to any cored helm too.

    First a plug was made and a rabbit cut in it. Then the console hole was inlarged to accept that plug and it was rabbited out as well. Pay no attention to the bobble on the right. That's what happens when the screw is not tight on the bearing and the dang bearing falls off.


    After the cutting and routering was done the plug and the hole were coated in epoxy. Then they were buttered up with epoxy/cabisol and the plug was stuck in the hole. The rabbit keeps it from falling thru and adds surface area for the glue. A little extra epoxy/cabisol to fill any voids showing and that blurp and let it sit overnight. Tommorow it's on to making a new hole for the steering helm pump.[]

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    Nice illustration of the proper way to fill holes. Keep um coming.

    Oakley, California


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      More pixs of holes being filled....

      Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance


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        I'm still moving stuff around. The steering helm is where it need's to be now.

        I just filled the whole thing in where the binicle goes and I'll recut it. I now know where that goes.

        I moving the switch panel over to be centered with the helm. There is all kinds of stuff that still needs to find the best home for it.

        Navman fuel guage, 2 tach's, Benett trim switch's, Benett auto trim switch.

        I still don't have volt meters , trim guages, GPS plotter.