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    Looks like my fuel sender is not working right. The thing reads half full and I ran out of gas the other day. Put in 5 gallons and it lit right up. I am not sure that it ever worked properly as I have never filled it to the brim. The indicators on the gauge do change. I added 105 gallons and the gauge went to the filled position. I have round yamaha electric guages. Where the sender meets the tank is rough. Not sure I want to touch that thing. It looks like it may disintegrate or worse break a screw off and it falls into 150 gallon tank. Has anyone pulled that sender without destroying the tank? Anything Im missing. Thoughts?
    Gailhunter[br]1996 231 2011yamaha f225xca offshore[br]

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    I pulled one on 99 221. Previous owner stated sender not working properly. Tank read full. Opened up and tank full. Surprised that self tapping screws were used. Had to re tap one hole and go up a size in bolt. Wasnt too bad.
    Steve[br]1989 Mako 231(sold)[br]1999 Mako 221[br]Newbury, Ma


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      Ha! just had same thing happen to me! reading half full but ran out of gas. had to be towed. thought something was wrong with fuel pump until mechanic told me i simply ran out of gas! [xx(] gauge shows full thru 1/2. sending unit arm must be getting hung up on something.
      Matt221[br]\'89 Mako 221 w/ Zuke 250[br]\'77 Mako 17\' Angler (under construction)[br]Auburn,AL[br]


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        I replaced the sender twice over the years. Second time I got a unit that had a mechanical display needle on the tank/sender and the electronic lead for the console gauge. I would compare mechanical to gauge a couple of times a year to make sure I was good.
        Luis V.[br]1992 Mako 221B & 2018 Evinrude E-Tec G2 250 HO


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          I had to replace one on my other boat. It looked rough. It came right out without any of the screws breaking. Go slow and careful. Be purposeful. Make sure you loosen all the screws a little before turning any of them all the way out. That way should one strip or break you can snug the others back down, not break the gasket's seal, and continue using the boat until ready to tackle it in the coming winter. I replaced my old one with a Centroid capacitance model. Worked well. Touchy to adjust. It came with no adjustment needed. After a few years I did need to adjust it. A slight touch of a jewelers screwdriver sends the needle flying. Others love the reed models where the float rides vertically instead of on a swing arm.


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            Anyone have any Idea what sender is in the original 150 gallon tank? 9" or 12" etc.?
            Gailhunter[br]1996 231 2011yamaha f225xca offshore[br]


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              Go slow and easy. Youll be fine. Ive done twice on my 231. I would re tap and go one size larger. Also, the depth is for the 12 inch arm. No cutting should be involved. If you get the moeller, be sure when you reinstall, be sure the arm swing in the. Or react direction. It should swing up and down towards the bow of the boat. If it was replaced and reinstalled incorrectly, the arm may have been installed to swing horizontal and get hung up in the tank and therefore not read properly.
              Brian Duff[br]1988 Mako 211-Sold [br]1991 Mako 231 special edition[br]2001 Yamaha 250 ox66[br]Toms River, NJ[br][br]


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                Thanks guys Ill let you know what happens.
                Gailhunter[br]1996 231 2011yamaha f225xca offshore[br]


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                  I use a Centroid fuel sender, been pretty reliable.
                  David, New Kent, Va

                  Project Thread:


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                    Unscrewed while praying, no problems. Whew.

                    Measured depth, bought new one like TC mentioned. Tank was 3/4 full reading full.

                    Installed, and it reads correctly now. How about that!

                    While I was in there, I installed a new fuel line.

                    I also went to a new Yamaha stainless head for the spin on filter.

                    Primed her up and it Started right up.

                    I feel better having this squared away.
                    Gailhunter[br]1996 231 2011yamaha f225xca offshore[br]