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    Does anyone have recommendations on maximum horsepower for an '88 M-171?

    Rating tag says 135, I'm considering a new 150 4stroke to replace my old Johnson 120 looper. Boat will be used at high altitude- 4-7000'- mostly higher end. Looks like the 150 Tohatsu or Honda is 113# heavier than old 120

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    most 17's were rated for 135 hp.
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      Yes that's what the placard says.

      Wondering how this boat would handle 100+ pounds additional weight on stern. I don't think the power would be an issue at all, at my altitude.


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        Short answer no, long answer would be to take 100lbs and put it on the transom, think sand bag or a kid, and look at the water line. If it looks okay and is still self bailing then go for it but odds are youd need to move some weight around
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