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What to expect - submerged Mako

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  • What to expect - submerged Mako

    Friends 1997 Mako 252 sank at salt water slip...asking Mako experts what to expect in terms of water intrusion and related damage.


    Both older carb 150 Mercs fully submerged

    Boat submerged fully but bow held up by dock lines

    Console submerged apprx 3' depth.

    Duration........approx 12 hours +/-

    Feedback appreciated.

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    You should be able to change all the fluids, pull plugs and fog the motors while cranking over to clean out the cylinders.

    You wan to pump out the entire fuel tank and have the fuel polished professionally. Not sure but they should be able to flush/clean the tank as well. may want to strongly consider pulling the console and coffin to clean out under there.

    Aside from hosing it all out, you'll want to fully rewire the boat, replace batteries, electronics. I wouldn't trust any of it.

    Hard part will be getting salt water out of the 'pockets' that wont drain easily.

    Hope he had insurance.


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      Lots of wet foam! Going through the same thing currently. Previous owner tried to pickle motors and hoped theyd work. Both failed and have been rebuilt(one by him one by me) Im currently getting ready to reform the hull. His rolled at the dock, starboard side stayed above water, port side was under. Im sure the fuel tank in mine was due because of age anyway but being surrounded by saltwater soaked foam made for some interesting chemistry-class-like funk and corrosion. I dug out as much foam as I could get to and let it bake(gutted) in the south Florida sun for a month. Everything seems dried out now.

      If it was me and I had no future plans of upgrading Id use it as an excuse to overhaul and restore the thing. Hopefully theres some insurance money to be had. If the near future plan was to sell, then sell as is to someone that wants to restore it, cut your losses and move on. The previous owner of my boat(261) cashed in on his insurance and sold it to get a newer 23
      1989 Mako 261[br]SOLD - 1987 231 restore/rebuild[br]


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        Shakes nailed it. I would also consider pulling coffin lid and trying to rinse every part of the hull inside and out, and then dry out the hull as much as possible, with large direct fans. Salt water sitting for long periods is nasty. It will never be the same, but a little extra water weight just gives it a smoother ride in the chop.
        1978 Mako 25 - Blind Hog
        1985 Mako 20c - sold
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          Sell it to me [] or follow what shakes said

          Seriously though if he wants to sell im interested and in NJ. Otherwise best of luck pickling them and getting it back running
          John[br]1989 Mako 210 (Sold and Missed)[br]


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            Thanks for all replies and useful advise


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              the pickling process needs to happen pretty soon after the boat is raised, the sooner the better. Everything said above is correct, if the pickling was done right, and tank cleaned, and in a timely matter, you need to run the hell out of them. Something I didn't see, was expect throttle and shift cables to get tighter and tighter, add some extreme cables to your list of new items needed usually