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Question about 258 power

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  • Question about 258 power

    Hey guys, hoping for some help. Im looking at buying a 1987 258. It is currently powered with a 250 hp Etec. I was wondering if anyone might have any idea if this is enough power for this model. Most of the research Ive done the 258 seems to be powered with twin 200s.

    I used to own a 228 with a 225 evenrude Fict... and the boat would get up to 42 mph.

    If anyone has any experience with the 258 model I would love to hear what you have to say in regards to how fast I can expect this boat to move? Will it struggle to get on plain? Will it burn fuel at a fast rate?

    Any info will be appreciated. Thank you

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    250 Etec..maybe 268 prop hp.... adequate power, not screaming fast but if propped and height correct should be fine


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      I've got twin 140's on my 258 and they are old 2 stroke motors. I still get up on plane fine and cruise at 30mph per my gps unit.
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        Test ride will show you how it rides.

        Reality is some of these 40 year old boats can have a lot of water related weight.

        Definitely want to sea trial.


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          I have a 253 with a single 300. cruises at 32mph and tops out at 43mph. burns 10 gallons an hour at 30 and 17 gallons at top end.
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