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    hello guys well it looks like im starting on a new adventure a real nice guy Is coming to pick up my 235 my job has changed and I dont have the time like I used to.So im down sizing ,I bought a TOP SECRET mako she"s a 20 ft 1993 green 203 w/200 yammy Im quite excited, at sea trials all went great couldnt have gone better she seemed sluggish to respond to the wheel compared to my 21 and my 23 BUT I chalk that up to getting used to her personality. I know it as a secret model because only a small handful of members have responded to my first question. Its funny when I look at her I cant help to wonder to ask my self WHERES THE REST OF HER Its like they just cut down a 21 or 25.It seems that someone put a lot of thought into this build a lot of good ideas are there. but I wonder how she will preform In the slop or running the inlets judging by the bow flair and the deep vee hull im sure she will perform like a champ I cant find an owners manual for the love of money and as usual I have many questions If anyone has any experience with this model I would love to hear from them so here we go as long as there is a mako placard on her I will have no real worries wish me luck thanks []
    Elizabeth King